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Success Stories

Penetration Testing Data Center Monitoring Solution

Penetration Testing Data Center Monitoring Solution

Customer has developed a monitoring solution for their data center as they were experiencing difficulties due to the presence of many different hardware variants. End to end testing including non-functional testing like performance and vulnerability is complex and time consuming.  The Customer was looking for automation of testing through automation.

Solution Description

  • Gadgeon came up with a SOM-based solution with a homogenous HW/SW platform to cater to all variants of the customer’s product. Monitoring and alarm handling system
  • Gadgeon Test Automation Framework (GTF) was leveraged to automation of test cases and their convergence spanning  across interfaces:-  Web-UI , CLI , TL1, and SNMP
  • Protocols Used : SNMP, TL1, TABS, TBOS, DCM ,HTTPS
  • Tools Used : GTF based on Robot framework, Python, Selenium, TestRail,  Jira, and Jenkins, 
  • Penetration Testing tools: OWASP and OpenVAS 

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced the testing effort and schedule through automation of above 95% of regression, reliability, performance, and vulnerability test cases.
  • Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
  • Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases
  • Achieved 90% test coverage for non-functional testing cases including its regression



Defined Test Strategy for the complete system including different HW platforms with multiple communication protocols 

Requirement Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and uses case based on end to end test scenarios

Simulated high frequency polling conditions to stress the system

Python based custom stress scripts interfacing USB controlled relay

Designed Automation framework which can validate supporting protocols - SNMP, TL1, DCP/F, TBOS, TABS and DCM

NetSNMP Client for validating SNMP Commands and Operations 
Designed custom socket module for validating TL1, DCP/F, TBOS, TABS and DCM protocols 

Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases 

Automated long duration stress test scripts for monitoring system health 

Python based scripts monitoring CPU Utilization , Memory usage  and  communication interface stability

Automation framework supporting test evidence and detailed logs including screen shots for ease of debugging.

TestRail , Python, Appium , Selenium webdriver and Robot Framework 

Security / Vulnerability testing 

Owasp, OpenVAS, NMAP

Implemented Continuous Integration process as part of       development and testing phases

Jenkins, Git, Robot Framework

The Solution / System Description

Technology used : 

 Device Automation

  • Python, Selenium, SNMP, SSH, USB Controlled Relay, HTTPS

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins
  • Git.
  • Robot Framework

Test Management  and Reports 

  • TestRail
  • Robot Framework

Security/Vulnerability Testing

  • OpenVAS


Automation Framework Architecture

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