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Success Stories

Multi-Level Platform Integration - EV Charging

Multi-Level Platform Integration - EV Charging

Our client was facing challenges in the real time monitoring and connectivity of their EV fleet charging operation. The existing system had multiple limitations such as non-availability of real-time status and locations of nearest charging point to customers, higher cost of maintenance of charging units, no integration of enterprise applications such a Payment gateway, ERP, and CRM. These challenges were resulting in very poor customer experience leading to unhappy customers.

Solution Description

  • Connected charging station with the back-office using an Open Standard Protocol – OCPP 1.6 
  • Leveraging location data of the vehicle and the real-time charging station availability status, generated alerts via a mobile application
  • A web portal is created that allowed multi level access – both internal as well external. 
  • Integration of payment solutions streamlined the billing operations 

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

  • Delivered operational efficiency improvements 
  • Remote maintenance (minor software error ratification and firmware upgrades) significantly enhancing service availability 
  • Enabled central management of the entire operations with real-time monitoring, reduced cost of operations, and enabling of prioritized charging
  • The self-service capability was enhanced through the service portal, improving customer experience and satisfaction. 

The Business Context and Challenges of the Customer

  • Availability of transparent information about locations and tariffs of charge points to the respective customers 
  • Technician to visit the site even for small software/technical glitches and firmware updates 
  • Challenges to integrating with existing CRM and ERP systems
  • A complete multi-level web portal that can provide a seamless experience to fleet owners to auto manage the Cost of charging and related payment module integrations

The System Description

Cloud Application

  • Cloud services were built using Microservices architecture which provides the isolation between different services 
  • Integrated the charging station to the back-office using with Open Standard Protocol – OCPP 1.6
  • JSON over MQTT is used to collect the real time information of the fleets
  • The data lake helped the Customers with the flexibility of accessing the information without much hustle 

Web Portal

  • The multi level web portal provided seamless experience to fleet owners for the real time monitoring
  • The middleware provided API’s to provide integration to external requirements
  • The insights from the platform  provider charging point owners to remotely manage the minor technical glitches and firmware updation

Payment Gateway Integration

  • A secure payment gateway integration for the multi directional transactions
  • The integration of the charging station to the cloud helped to provide the cost of charging and thus enabling reimbursement of billing to fleet owners 

System / Architecture Description

Architecture Description


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