Success Stories

Success Stories

Extended Engineering Center

Extended Engineering Center

North America’s largest MVNO and IoT company, who provides connectivity and Analytics solutions for Industries, was looking for a strong development and engineering organization to help them scale out.

The Solution

  • Gadgeon set up an extended engineering centre in short period of time, with well trained and experienced engineers
  • Provided developers, testers, and network engineers to enhance capabilities
  • Cleared all backlog of integration, platform migration and enhancement  use cases within first 6 months  
  • Started the engagement small, addressing the low risk- low hanging fruits like testing initially and slowly started to take higher ownership and responsibility like working on connectivity and location based service platforms along with network and infrastructure support
  • With proactive, metrics driven,  and transparent Project management practices that used Customer processes & tools, ensured the expected Scale up.
  • The extended engineering centre became the backbone for the Customer scaling their innovation, engineering, infrastructure, and operational needs   

The Outcome

  • The extended engineering centre has been recognized as the right fit by the customer
  • Consistent high quality services delivered by the right team at the right time
  • The extended engineering centre has given the customer bandwidth to focus on their core business activities
  • The extended engineering team leveraging customer tools & process for communication & project management ensured pro-activeness and transparency   
  • Fast tracked innovation and business transformation
  • Customer focused human resource practices ensured acquisition of right talent at the right time along with training on customer business, processes, and tools resulting in availability of highly skilled team with full alignment   
  • Received an overall rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from the Customer (refer:

Scale up of Engagement Portfolio

Scale up of Engagement Portfolio

What our Customer is Saying?

"Quality and within collaboration is high, and Gadgeon Systems Inc. finds individuals with the right skill sets for the tasks at hand. They understand the business goals, and they proactively manage assignments. They’re an innovative partner."

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Best Practices Leveraged

  • Start small, deliver, and scale up
  • Hire the right talent
  • Train the resources on Customer Business, processes, tools, and technologies
  • Consistent demonstration of Complete ownership and responsibility
  • Proactive multi-level communication and governance
  • Quality and Business focus in all what is done
  • Connect between the Customer and the Engineering Centre at all levels – right from developers to the CEO level
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Celebrate every success together

Capabilities that are created for the next phase of rapid growth

  • Real-time event streaming and processing
  • Web Hosting, Monitoring
  • High volume provisioning & rapid integration.
  • Flexible , reliable monetization function
  • Data storage , management and exposure
  • Streamlined , consolidated user experience.


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