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Success Stories

Data Centre And Central Office Monitoring System

Data Centre And Central Office Monitoring System

Customer was experiencing difficulties supporting many different hardware variants of their platform and was looking for a solution to make the tracking easier at an optimized cost.

Results / Outcomes 

  • The customer experienced high total cost of ownership due to multiple HW/SW platforms. Gadgeon came up with a software solution to cater to all variants of the customer’s product family. 
  • Monitoring and alarm handling system
  • 3 different management interfaces are supported:  Web GUI, CLI, and SNMP V2/V3
  • IP security features compliant with Federal Standards

The Solution

System Management

There were different hardware variants of the monitoring system with different IO cards. System management will read the hardware variant and generate a data model based on the number of IO points in the system. Watchdog checks every thread in the system and restarts it if it is not responding. 

Upgrade/Boot Management 

Upgrade Management for remote firmware upgrade including the rootfs, os and application. Primary and secondary boot partitions  are supported for fail safe upgrade. Multiple boot options with priorities (primary, secondary or USB)

Configuration Management

Multiple configuration interfaces via WebGUI developed in Luci/Lua, SNMP, Python CLI

Database Management  

Sqllite database is used to store configurations data. DB Framework is used for XML based configuration. POCO libraries used for sqllite handling.

Application Management 

Event managers, Event generation/notification, Alarm Handler, Internal Faults and Statistics. POCO libraries for thread handling and notification between threads

Protocol Management             

Protocol libraries for TL1, TBOS, TABS, Port handling, Protocol Wrapper, Client proprietary protocols

Device Security

System boots only if pre-calculated checksum stored in EEPROM matches with file system checksum. Security enhancement with Ip tables, restricting port access, IP filters used for restricting source IP addresses.

System Components

Central Office Monitoring  - System Components

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