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Success Stories

B2B Collaboration Platform For a Retail Service Provider

B2B Collaboration Platform For a Retail Service Provider

One of the prominent Retail Management System provider for baby items in Belgium was looking to have a collaboration platform for its retail customers and suppliers. Without such a platform, the services were fragmented as well inefficient. 

Solution Description

  • Developed a B2B platform using Microservices architecture and acts as a global data store and mediator between suppliers and the retail stores
  • The intuitive UI enabled suppliers, shops and administrators to collaborate quickly and efficiently
  • Microservices architecture enabled scalability, flexibility, and agility  in providing different services to different users 
  • Integration with their ERP system enabled functionalities such as centralized inventory & order management, customer and supplier administration, financial management, and store operations, etc. 

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

  • B2B Platform enabled the information being available to all stakeholders in near real-time
  • The integration helped to get daily insights into the stock and sales of individual stores, and thus providing a better forecast

The Business Context and Challenges of the Customer

Our client is a retail ERP solution provider for baby products within retail stores. 

As the business at stores grew, workload to communicate with the suppliers also grew exponentially. The  ERP system has e-collaboration mechanism with the suppliers, such as using email and sharing spreadsheets etc. However, the system could not share information in ""real-time”. Several manual steps were involved, making the operations time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient.

Client was looking to provide a complete solution to its customers (retail shops) that will enable near real-time collaboration with their suppliers. The solution should eliminate manual operations, automate the order management,  and provide real time visibility to the supplier’s inventory.

The customer was looking for a very short time-to-market so that they can deploy the solution on or before the festival and holiday seasons ahead. 

Overall System Architecture

Overall System Architecture

The System Description

B2B Platform
  • B2B Platform acting as a global data store and mediator between suppliers and the retail stores
  • It provides multiple interfaces for the customer 
    • The  Web UI
    • API interfaces 
    • FTP Interface

Retail Store ERP System

  • Integrate all the functionalities like  Centralized inventory and order management, Customer and supplier administration, Financial management, Store operations, etc. for a retail store 
    • Third Party API integration support
    • Electron.js based desktop application for physical stores
    • Webshops

FTP Server

  • Centralized FTP server for the Retail stores and Suppliers for the interacting to the B2B platform

Technology Stacks

  • Microservice Architecture
  • BitBucket
  • Maven
  • Eclipse/Intellij
  • Jenkins
  • Java 1.8
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data JPA 
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • REST
  • JWT
  • Angular
  • Ember.js
  • Electron.js

Sample Dashboard

Sample Dashboard b2b-platform retail

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