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Asset and Location Tracking Solution

Asset and Location Tracking Solution

Indoor Position Tracking - Objectives

  • For each job either in movement or at rest inside the factory should be tracked and located on a live basis.
  • Should be able to locate a Component with its unique Part Number.
  • The location data of every item should be stored for future analysis / movement optimizations.
  • The system should be able to identify items which are idle for long time periods, (say for more than 30 days).
  • The solution should be integrated with their existing ERP systems
  • The system should be able to generate pre-defined reports.
  • The system should support different user profiles with specific access and view privileges
  • Should support a local HMI with Digital twin of the factory for quick monitoring

Gadgeon’s Solution Approach

Gadgeon is proposing a location tracking solution based on BLE technology

  • BLE Tags that transmits Beacons placed on objects to track
  • BLE-Wi-Fi Gateway (Reader) connects to Wi-Fi intranet
  • 1-3 meter precision is obtainable
  • Gateway to be deployed at a range of 10-15 meters
  • Triangulation algorithm running in Edge server calculates location of object every 15mins (configurable)
  • Tag can be reused and  the battery lasts up to 2 years

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking and intelligence within the premises
  • Can enables features such as Alarms and Alert notifications
  • High precision location tracking

System Diagram for the proposed BLE based Solution


Solution Budget and Constraints


Constraints for Deployment

  • For optimum results, we should minimize metal areas between the BLE tag and the Gateway
  • Special mechanical assembly could be considered to place the Tags on the objects (The Tag stays on top, easy to remove as well not damaging to Object’s surface)

Technology Options that are used for Location tracking

Wi- Fi based Solutions

  • WiFi Tags 3-4 times costly compared to BLE
  • Precision is around 10-15 meters

UWB based Solutions

  • Precision is < 50 cm which is NOT needed for the Objectives we are trying to achieve
  • Cost is 3 times compared to BLE
  • UWB receivers needs to be placed closer compared to BLE
  • Have better performance in metallic environments


  • Tag cost is very low compared to BLE in case of passive RFID
  • However for RFID tag reading, lot of manual intervention are needed

Comparison of Different Asset Tracking Technologies

Comparison of Different Asset Tracking Technologies

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