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IoT Engineering

IoT Software Development

Gadgeon provides end-to-end IoT engineering services from edge devices/sensors, cloud, to mobile/web applications. We serve enterprises, start-ups, and OEMs in connecting devices to IoT edge gateways communicating over different protocols. Gadgeon provides IoT software development and IoT software Services towards building Industrial as well as non-industrial IoT Solutions and services offered in different models such as SaaS, PaaS, etc. Our end-to-end solution testing, including test automation, makes sure that all the system components are tested and validated right from design to delivery stage.

Gadgeon helps enterprises from different industries develop connected devices that include wearable, smart sensors, and smart appliances.

Offerings from Gadgeon

IoT Software Development Services

IoT Solutions

Gadgeon is the one-stop source to start your IoT Journey. Our IoT consulting service facilitates analysis on the transformation potential of the proposed use case along with requirement specification and solution architecture. We help select the technology stacks for connectivity, embedded software, cloud platform & software, companion mobile apps, security strategy, protocols to be used, along with an overall solution development roadmap.

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Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th industrial revolution realized by applying the latest technologies to core production systems and business processes such as supply, delivery and many more. Manufacturers can future-proof their operations by redefining the creation and capturing of value across their production facilities through the application of technologies such as sensors, IoT, cloud and AI & ML.

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Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Industry 4.0 is a concept with frameworks and reference architectures to connect physical business assets using digital technologies. Gadgeon adopts systematic, independent and established processes for obtaining evidence and evaluating objectively to determine the maturity level of Industry 4.0 implementation as a baseline. It is a holistic assessment of operational and business processes for benchmarks and practices of Industry 4.0. The assessment also involves identifying gaps and helping the customer identify improvement opportunities to initiate, scale and sustain their Industry 4.0 journey.

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Success Stories

School Emergency Communication System
School Emergency Communication System
Our Customer Wanted a reliable communication system so that events leading to emergencies can be monitored and responded to at schools or buildings.
Code Refactoring for a remote monitoring solution
Code Refactoring for a remote monitoring solution
A leader in remote monitoring and network management solution in North America was experiencing high maintenance costs in supporting different hardware variants
Solar Powered Vehicle Tracker
Solar Powered Vehicle Tracker
A fleet management solution provider wanted to develop a solution that report any abnormal operating condition of the vehicle, like dangerous driving or crashes
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