Gadgeon released a Unit Testing Tool to the Open Source community

July 09, 2020

Open Source Automation Testing Tools

Gadgeon delivers end-to-end solutions from product description to deployment including hardware, firmware, and applications. We always believe in leveraging and strengthening the Open source community. Recently we have developed a unit level testing tool – “UnitTestGen”. We are really excited to release this tool to the benefits of all Open Source community users.

About “UnitTestGen”:  This tool reduces the effort of a developer in writing unit test cases for his C++ programs. There is already a framework by name CPPUNIT exists for writing C++ unit test cases. “UnitTestGen” program will accept C++ header file as argument and will generates CPPUNIT test classes and skeleton functions for the classes declared in the header file. This means, for the developer, it will be like "fill in the blanks" rather than writing everything from scratch. This will save considerable time for the developer.  For certain test cases, the test case may be valid only if a particular value is passed for a parameter to the function being tested. Since it is hard for “UnitTestGen” to identify such specific values, such tasks are left to the developer. For all additional steps the developer needs to perform will be indicated using a TODO: comments in the source files that is being generated.

Find out how “UnitTestGen” can help to reduce your unit testing efforts here.

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