Gadgeon is at Scale-up 360 Industry of Things USA 2020

September 08, 2020

Scale-up 360 Industry of things USA event

We are participating at Scale-up 360 Industry of things USA event from September 8-9, 2020. During the event, Vice President of Solutions & Technology of Gadgeon, Mr Mani Ram will be taking a session on the topic ‘Digitalization of Older Machineries towards Industry 4.0’. The session will cover a Gadgeon case study on Digitalization of 20 years or older Machineries, filling stations and assembly lines towards Industry 4.0.

The focus is on digitalization manual assembly lines for ROI with ‘On-premise’ analysis and data retention.

  • Digitalization of 20 years or older assembly lines
  • ‘On-premise’ data retention and analysis
  • Edge gateway processing
  • Meaningful dashboard and analysis for preventive and predictive maintenances, ‘Quick Change-Over’ and many more
  • All of the above for a very affordable cost

Gadgeon’s Industrial IoT Solutions framework enables devices, machines, and data sources to connect for data gathering. Delpheon – the rapid IoT solution framework ensures scalable, secure, and highly available IoT solutions. Our advanced technology solutions focuses on Computer Vision based image/video analytics along with Deep Learning model, AR, and Robotic programming.

Talk with our experts to learn more about Gadgeon Systems and our capabilities in implementing various IoT solution across industries.

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