Gadgeon at the 6th Edition Smart Manufacturing Summit 2019, Mumbai

July 02, 2019


Smart Manufacturing Summit was conducted in Mumbai on June 27, 2019. The event turned out well with key players in the Indian manufacturing Industry attending it. This year the focus was on smart technologies for factories of the future.
Gadgeon exhibited at Smart Manufacturing Summit and our booth saw a flux of visitors, inquisitive about our IIOT platform -DelphEon.

During the event, Co-Founder & CEO of Gadgeon, Mr. Hariprasad V Nair delivered a keynote speech on the topic 'A Practitioner's Approach to Industry 4.0'.  He explained how Industry 4.0  can help in smart manufacturing and illustrated it with the help of a case study from Gadgeon. 
Our CEO explained said “ Industry 4.0 is not just IoT. IoT is just a common end to it. Connecting a couple of sensors is not Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 includes every aspect of the business like Inventory Control, Logistics, Production line, Shipping, ERP. In short, it includes the complete ecosystem.”

He further added “Even though many industries in India are technologically advanced, more than 60%  of the industries are still stuck in Industry  2.0 or Industry 3.0. Technology hygiene is a big concern. So the key challenge now is to how we can make industries reach a level where we can collect data “. The keynote was well appreciated for being informative and insightful.

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