#BackToWork – An exclusive Program by Gadgeon to Bring Women Techies back to the Industry

September 09, 2021

Bring Women Techies back to the Industry kerala

Gadgeon is extremely proud and happy to announce our exclusive #BackToWork program launched couple of months back to welcome talented and experienced women professionals with a long break, back to the industry. 

As a global technology company, we believe in taking pioneering steps in helping qualified women professionals, who for many reasons had to take a longer break from their careers with an opportunity to get back to work and contribute. This program is a true reflection of our belief that the women tech professional who sacrificed their booming careers to take care of their family deserves special appreciation and encouragement.  

At Gadgeon, the well-being and happiness of our employees and customers are our top priority. We are committed to providing the best working environment for all working mothers to efficiently balance their work with family and children. We are ensuring adequate training and mentoring to the returning Geons so that they are successful. 

The program was launched in July 2021, and we have successfully onboarded our first batch of 5 Geons to Gadgeon family

Bring Women Techies back to the Industry


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