What Makes People Stay Long at Gadgeon

by Tinu Thomas | June 06, 2022 What Makes People Stay Long at Gadgeon

The conversations around events such as the Great Resignation show that organizations globally are battling to win the war for talent. Organizations also spend a great deal of time examining the cause of employee turnover, only to discover that most of these employees left for preventable reasons.

It is time now to assume the responsibility of employee engagement and driving elevated employee experiences. While productivity is important, it is even more important to identify the productivity barriers and the productivity enablers. It is critical to provide an enabling, exciting, and engaging work environment where people are eager to bring in their best selves and become value creators.

We have been extremely fortunate for having a workforce that has shared their loyalty with us. With low attrition levels, here are the things we feel we do right that make people stay with us for longer.

A huge technology playing field

From product engineering to professional services and from healthcare to home automation, we give our workforce a large playfield to hone their skills. Our technologists get to work on business-critical systems and with cutting-edge technology. 

We are not just another services company, but a company that has its products, platforms, devices, and solutions. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and also offer opportunities for full-stack development.

We focus on creating an ideal environment that allows technologists to examine and apply their technical and creative skills to produce tech-driven value consistently.

Value-based and equity-driven

Our entire company culture is steeped deeply in rock-solid values that place importance on outcomes. Managers and leaders are enablers of the workforce and are never intrusive. We believe in giving people the space to work as they want and how they want so that they remain excited and motivated about the work. 

A high degree of ownership and elevated accountability levels are the hallmarks of the organization. Our process-driven environment helps people manage their work with ease and ensure that no one is overwhelmed at work.

We also believe in creating an equitable workplace. Our employees truly value our commitment to building equity and diversity across the organization. We believe that everyone’s challenges are unique to them and hence should be given individual help and support. Our workplace policies are aligned with this thought and as such, we are not surprised to see employees, especially our women employees, wanting to come back after a break.

We take special care of our women employees as we understand their individual challenges. We ensure adequate learning and development opportunities that create a feeling of enablement and empowerment in them. We actively create channels for growth for women as we believe that equity can be a driving force.

Opportunities for career transition

More often than not people leave organizations for better opportunities. But what if they get the opportunities right where they are?

We understand the human need to grow. As an organization, our objective is to be a human organization first among others such as being profitable. The wide range of technologies, services, and industries provide each employee an opportunity to work in new and exciting areas often. 

We have a special focus Resource management group, tasked with preparing our employees for newer engagements as well as challenges that keep popping up. We have a mandate to create a ‘Seed’ team for any new work from our existing resource pool. This ensures adequate opportunities for employees to transition to new technology areas or improved roles. One of our employees, for example, joined as a systems administrator. Over a period of time, we identified opportunities that matched his career ambition as well ability by learning new skills to become a certified DevOps engineer.   

We feel when you give people what they need or help them identify what they want, they will stay with your organization for long.

Approachable and supportive management

Our employees enjoy the support and guidance of the leadership at all given times. The management is always approachable, willing, and eager to address employee challenges and problems.

The leadership team believes in building connections and staying connected with the employees at all levels. There are multiple programs directly managed by the leadership team - employee mentoring, having one-to-one interactions, awards to recognize merits & outstanding contributions, etc. making them engaged with the employees. Our CEO makes sure that he personally conducts the all-hands meetings with every Geons, every quarter and provides company updates from all angles - business, customer, operations, technologies, strategies, and plans. 

 Our team managers are not the traditional project managers but technologists who understand the challenges of the team with clarity and provide solutions. Business Unit (BU) Heads hold frequent meetings and one-on-ones with the team members. One of the main objectives of these meetings is to identify growth opportunities for all involved.

Unequivocal focus on learning and development

We think we have our employees engaged with us because we know what matters to them. Our employees are highly-skilled, growth-driven technologists. They want to stay on the path of continuous learning, and continuous personal and professional growth.

As an organization, we have developed policies that ensure that every individual's career grows along the lines of their interests and capabilities. Based on continuous skill gap analysis against the current & anticipated needs, we develop training and certifications programs. These programs are offered to our employees to either opt voluntarily or through nominations.  Our employees’ love for these training and skills development programs is evident from the overwhelming participation we are seeing.

Along with all these aspects, we make sure that our employees are having fun at work. Ours is a young, high-energy environment that thrives on a deep respect for everyone, irrespective of culture, gender, and background. We strive to provide an enabling environment for our employees. 

We are continuously focused on improving the experiences for our employees and help them fulfill their dreams and desires. Employee loyalty, for us, has been a consequence of these efforts.

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