Gadgeon-Temporal Partnership: Streamlining Business Processes with Reliable Automation

by Manikantan Gopalakrishnan | January 02, 2024 Gadgeon-Temporal Partnership: Streamlining Business Processes with Reliable Automation

In the dynamic landscape of today's software applications, businesses face numerous challenges ranging from architectural complexities to regulatory compliance. Gadgeon, a leader in enterprise applications, embedded systems, and Connected solutions, has forged a partnership with Temporal for Asia region, aimed at addressing these challenges and delivering robust solutions for reliable business process automation.

Key Challenges:

  1. Architectural Perspective: Reliable systems demand an architecture that seamlessly integrates hardware redundancy and queuing systems. Failures can occur at various interfaces, necessitating a resilient design to overcome issues such as queue overload, database partitioning, API call timeouts, and more.
  2. Developer Perspective: Developers are often constrained by the architectural framework, and the use of orchestrators may limit the choice of coding languages. Gadgeon recognizes the need for developers to implement systems with capabilities beyond the architectural constraints.
  3. Business Perspective: Irrespective of architectural and coding complexities, businesses must consistently deliver intended functionality, speed, and consistency to end-customers.
  4. Compliance Perspective: Confidentiality and trust play pivotal roles, especially in the context of today's stringent confidentiality frameworks, particularly when utilizing cloud-based orchestrators.

Introducing Temporal: Workflow-as-a-Service for Reliable Execution

Temporal tackles the intricate challenges by delivering a versatile and resilient execution of workflows. Developers have the flexibility to code in their language of choice. Temporal seamlessly orchestrates the workflow, guaranteeing dependable execution with sophisticated handling of failures, encompassing retry and rollback mechanisms.

Privacy & Confidentiality: Temporal operates on the principle of execution inversion, placing the responsibility of executing workflow code on worker applications. This ensures that Temporal neither requires data nor code, providing end-to-end encryption for both data at rest and in motion. This approach guarantees trustworthy and durable workflow execution without compromising data privacy.

Key Features of Temporal:

  • Polyglot workflow orchestration for microservices
  • Lightweight infrastructure requirement, minimizing costs.
  • Faster execution of processes
  • Open-source code available on GitHub
  • Encryption end-to-end for data security

Temporal Use Cases: Temporal proves beneficial in managing transactions, business processes, entity lifecycles, and operational processes, offering better performance and reliability. Few examples are:

  • Transactions such as financial or inventory
  • Business Processes such as ordering food, booking cab etc.
  • Entity Lifecycle like monthly statement and inventory management
  • Operational Processes including automation of Repetitive tasks like management of resources and moving data between systems.

Temporal Cloud: Temporal Cloud simplifies deployment and management, offering a consumption-based service that scales with your needs. Pricing is action and storage consumption-based, with options for basic and premium services starting from $200 per month.

Temporal Clientele: Temporal has been embraced by industry leaders such as Netflix, Coinbase, Comcast, showcasing its broad-spectrum applicability.

Gadgeon as the Trusted Partner: As a trusted technology partner for enterprises globally, Gadgeon recognizes the unique challenges faced by businesses. Gadgeon has established as a strategic partner for Temporal for the Asia region, reinforces Gadgeon's commitment to providing tailored solutions for workflow orchestration and business process automation.

Contact Us: To explore how Gadgeon can address your workflow orchestration and business process automation challenges, please contact us at Partner with us to unlock the full potential of reliable automation in your business processes.

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